Naked in the lockups: Frustrated mother of five bemoans police brutality

“I feel really bad and frustrated about this whole thing, me nah know why de police would do something like dah to me. And me get children, bear girl children and fuh dem to know dah is wah I guh through is nah easy. Mom leh me tell you something I ain’t really feeling righted now.”

And Alisha Harry began to sob.

I first read of Harry’s horrific experience at the hands of ranks of the Guyana Police Force in the Guyana Times and to say I was shocked is an understatement. This woman was stripped naked and made to spend several hours in a dirty cell at the Rose Hall Police Outpost.

I made contact with the 36-year-old mother of five daughters via telephone because I wanted to hear from her. I was pained and troubled by what I had read. At the end of our conversation I regretted calling her because of how affected she was by the incident but also by her troubled life experiences, some of which she shared…..

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