Cideca Mangal enjoys making women look good

Having been able to keep huge corporate client Demerara Distillers Limited has had Makeup Artist Cideca B Mangal turning heads for quite some time. She is also the favourite of some models, franchise holders and the reigning Miss Global International Cynthia Dookie. Cideca’s works under the name Makeup by B. And she says what keeps clients coming back is the satisfaction they get when they look into the mirror and find not someone else looking back but a flawless version of themselves. Cideca explained in a sit down with The Scene that is most important.

Many clients find themselves dialling her after they would have seen her work on a friend. She noted that some makeup artists give their clients a look that is so farfetched, they cannot be recognized as the same person. A subtle look is what she goes for, believing that ‘a little goes a long way’.

Makeup became her thing while she was still a teen, but art had been part of her since she was in kindergarten. She doodled on paper, the table, and even the walls until she was caught by her mother and had to clean it. But her mother, she said, always encouraged her to keep at it, just on paper. When she started Apex Academy, she took to drawing cartoons and nudes that grabbed the attention of her peers. Her favourite pieces to sketch were SpongeBob and anime characters from Naruto.

However, when you gave an artist an eyeshadow palette, magic is bound to happen. It all began when Cideca was 16. For a number of years in secondary school she was taunted for her skinny and boyish looks which made her feel self-conscious. Because of this, for a long time, she struggled with low self-esteem. Wanting to boost her self-confidence she turned to makeup; the day she did, there was no turning back.

Of course, it was nothing to brag about at first but when you’re the cousin of another cousin who is getting married and who wears no makeup, you’re certain to be hired. This turned out great for Cideca after the bride received many compliments on her makeup. Soon after, family and friends began requesting Cideca’s touch, for free of course.

Wanting to perfect her skills she began watching YouTube tutorials. Two favourites were ‘Nikkie Tutorials’ and ‘Pixiwoo’. Once she learned a new skill, she tried it on herself and soon family and friends, noticing her talent, encouraged her to get certified to make it official. She did so with the beginner’s course in 2016 and the master’s course the following year under the tutelage of Renee Chester.

One client she would never forget is a woman who went to her with dark undereye circles and acne marks on her face and after having her makeup done and seeing her appearance was so shocked at the disappearance of the marks and the youthful version of herself staring back at her that she began to cry.

Though most persons have been encouraging of Cideca’s work, there are some who see no point in the growing number of makeup artists as they believe Guyana has too many of them. To this Cideca said, “Over the years makeup has grown tremendously in Guyana… makeup is big here… there’s enough business for every makeup artist. Makeup isn’t about covering up an appearance but more about enhancing one and many people look forward to that special look whenever they are going to an event. Makeup is like another accessory to your outfit.”

Over the years she said, makeup has taught her be patient and to be persistent.

Cideca acknowledged her boyfriend, Jonathan Beaton, as her biggest supporter adding that she had always wanted a Facebook Page to advertise her work but was never sure how to go about it and delayed in doing so because she wanted to make a good first impression. He took the time to help her create one and is her on-call photographer.

Since she professionally took up makeup artistry three years ago, peak times can be much. On a weekly basis, weekends are her peak times but annually, she is often booked out for the wedding season in July/August with her biggest being the Christmas holidays leading up to Old Year’s night. At times like these persons usually have to book a day or two before. Her job requires proper time management, on her part that is, she explained. Since most persons prefer her to go to them, she has put off the idea of getting a studio. Already she has bookings for Mashramani and because she likes playing with bright colours she anticipates the coming month.

Her favourite brands to use are: Anastacia, Beverly Hills, Huda Beauty and Urban Decay as well as Elf and Colour Pop.

Not everyone has the time to do a complete face makeup and this sometimes includes Cideca herself, so when it comes to choosing, she recommends either concealer and mascara or concealer and brow filler.

But even a makeup artist is not all about makeup when it comes to the face, so here is a little recipe that works for Cideca whenever she wants to get rid of those ugly undereye circles. Mix turmeric, honey, milk, aloe and flour to make a paste, apply to the area and leave until dry before washing off. This she does on weekends for like a month and she is good to go.

Cideca hopes that in five years’ time she would become a household name in Guyana and hopefully she can make it big like Guyanese Tenisha Garnett-Billington who has had one of her photos of her work featured in Rihanna’s new makeup line Fenty Beauty.

In her free time, Cideca still loves to sketch.

The twenty-three-year-old who hails from Adventure, Essequibo enjoys reading (romance novels), travelling, cooking (baked macaroni and cheese, spaghetti and meatballs and chicken curry) and loves to eat chicken nuggets.

For a look at more photos of Cideca’s work, persons can visit her Facebook page ‘Makeup by B.’ or contact her via telephone number 648-3940.

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