Songwriter Owen Adams releases first single

Owen Adams

Reggae/dancehall singer and songwriter Owen Adams recently released his brand new single “Life Too Short”. The song, which came out back in December with a video released in January, has since hit airwaves in Guyana, Jamaica and St Lucia.

“Life’s Too Short” was engineered by Fojo, mixed and mastered by Lenkey of Jamaica and produced by Code Red Studio.

The name of the song alone says it all.

The CD cover of Owen Adams’ new single.

In the song, Owen said that he couldn’t be bothered by the problems in life as life itself is a great gift but short and so he will live it to the best. In one part, he said even though people are out to cause a problem he would just leave them be and enjoy his life.

The singer who recently began his career noted that his experience in the music industry started more than a decade ago; he’s written countless songs for Guyanese and Jamaican artistes including Fojo, Ballys, Gaddie G, Little J, Davy Marley and Diana Chapman. Prior to writing, Owen also produced and managed other labels. He dabbled in promoting and was a DJ for some time.

Owen, stage name ‘GT Youth’, wrote “What’s Going On” some time ago. It’s a duet sung by Remington and Nesta that surrounds suicide and killings in Guyana and the world. “Dry Your Eyes” by Remington was also another song written by Owen.

Reflecting on artistes he is acquainted with, Owen shared: “I believe that Guyanese artistes are very talented and produce unique music but because they lack passion and drive and lack the support they need, many give up.” He further said that some artistes just try to get a “buzz” but never stay long enough to make a career out of their music. He encourages other artistes to keep their music uplifting and to always try to motivate their fans.

A listen to “Life Too Short” is bound to make its listeners rethink how they are living their lives and is sure to inspire persons to not just live an accomplished life but a satisfied and happy one while being mindful of others.

GT Youth is already working on releasing another single, “Modern Day Judas” come March while getting an album ‘Life’s Journey’ together for a release sometime this year as well.

“Life’s Too Short” can also be found on YouTube and on Facebook via Gtyouths Productionz.

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