While at eight years old most children are still playing and dreaming, Nicasey Abrams was already writing her destiny with her wild imagination. Today her first ever poem, “Goodbye Old Friends”, that she wrote while transitioning from primary to secondary school has since evolved into what some would call spoken word. But Nicasey is known for her sonnets and her particular style of writing which she calls ‘SOEM’, a poetic flair she hopes will live on after her.

“I was a very shy child. I would internalize my emotions a lot. If anyone did something that really hurt my feelings I would write them a letter telling them what they did to hurt me. My family thought I was weird, but they read each of them and enjoyed how I would put over my feelings. My poems came from my emotions, thus the first poem I wrote was about losing friends…,” she shared with The Scene.

Nicasey was a shy child and a modest one. Although she penned an eternal flow of words, her tongue was the total opposite. At first, she could never recite her poetry for an audience and would have persons read them out aloud, but eventually she came to do it all on her own and as she puts it, “now my brain won’t shut up.”….