Rondel Holder preaches the sermon in his songs

Rondel Holder

Rapper/conscious artiste Rondel ‘Disi’ Holder has yet again taken the gospel arena in Guyana to another level with his debut album ‘Next Level’ which was released in April. However, to keep fans up-to-date with his music he has since been releasing one song at a time from the album.

Two weeks ago, his latest song to have made it to social media from ‘Next Level’ was “Yuh Name”. In total, the album comprises 12 songs. Each song tells its own story. “Verses” talks about a commitment to the study and teaching of God’s word while “Yuh Name” speaks about endless possibilities of calling on Jesus regardless of the situation.

‘Disi’, as he is better known, added that another single, “Legend” is about everyone embracing their identity in Christ, who He is, what He can do and trusting in His promises. The other nine songs though they speak on different issues, have the same message. “Collectively they encourage the listener to seek out the more meaningful things in life and to not be stagnant but to always keep progressing in all your endeavours with Christ as the centerpiece,” the artist said…..