Two out as Miss Berbice ‘I’m a Big Deal’ competition counts down

Omeica Bindah

The contestants of the Miss Berbice ‘I’m a Big Deal’ Pageant have decreased from 10 to 8, it was announced on Thursday.

Speaking at a press conference in the boardroom of the Rose Hall Mayor and Town Council, Coordinator of the pageant committee Tracey Khan-Drakes informed the public that for different reasons Julieanna Clinket and  Amesha Ramkishun were no longer contesting the title.

The remaining 8 contestants are Omeica Bindah, Keba Henry, Cintiana Harry, Serona Joseph,  Jamace Hinds,  Natoya Rawlins, Priya Anjiloi and Rameshwarie Jairam. 

The first preliminary is the Swimsuit competition which is scheduled for next Saturday, November 17, at the Skeldon Estate Poolside. A playground will be set up for the children on the lawns so as to make it a day that caters for family fun. The event, it was said, is geared towards family entertainment and will include prizes for ‘The Most Fit and Proper’ persons along with a special one for the man with the largest belly. There will also be sporting activities such as a volleyball competition along with cricket and football matches.  

“It’s all about having fun. Life can be stressful so we wanted to create these events to ensure that Berbicians have something to look forward to, something that they can enjoy and enjoy as a family,” Khan-Drakes said. “We will also have, on the same day, a swimming competition for patrons. All that is required of them is that they can swim and are sober. This competition will take place earlier in the day prior to the swimsuit category competition. All swimsuits will be designed by our local designers. The highlight of the day will be the displaying of the designer pieces.” 

Then the following day the excitement continues with a costume extravaganza and mini-carnival slated for Rose Hall. This year the Mayor and Town Council will be collaborating with the pageant committee in celebration of the event. The contestants will be participating with their entourages and will be decked in local designer costumes. The carnival theme this year is ‘Birds of Paradise’. With Guyana said to have more than 150 species of birds, the contestants will feature a few of them through their costumes. The team invites youth groups and groups belonging to any religion that is interested to joining in the fun to contact them about getting costumes and matching t-shirts. The road leads to Rose Hall Primary School where the contestants will be judged on their costumes. They will be presented prizes for having the largest entourages and bands.  

Rose Hall Mayor Vijay Ramoo said, “I’m excited; there’s no question about that. The I’m a Big Deal is coming to Rose Hall. I was very fortunate to witness the very first pageant last year. It was a success and I’m positive that this one having had more exposure and being more public oriented will definitely be bigger and better that the last.” He added that since the town was unable to have its annual week of activities this year, he is looking forward to highlighting the town through the mini-carnival noting that this will promote business in the town.  

In preparation for the carnival, the pageant committee will be joining with residents of Rose Hall on Wednesday to participate in a grand cleanup and decorating of the town which will conclude with a cook-out and with refreshments.  

It was stated also that after the pageant, the Miss Berbice contestants will be collaborating with the Mayor and Town Council in their first ever Christmas light up. Plans are in place to have the four corners of Independence Avenue decorated. On this night the Miss Berbice team and the residents will gather to sing Christmas carols. The date for the Christmas light up is tentative but will be in December.  

Also onboard for the costume extravaganza is US-based Guyanese design company, Jam It Mas International. The main sponsor of the Miss Berbice I’m a Big Deal event is Top Brandz Distributor.  

Sponsors are invited to offer their services, provide job opportunities or to provide any technical training.  

Persons interested in vending at the poolside venue are asked to contact pageant director Royston Drakes on 666-4337 and for spots along Rose Hall during the carnival, they can contact the Rose Hall Mayor and Town Council. 

The Swimsuit competition begins at 6 pm. However, gates will be opened from 2 pm. Tickets for this event cost $1,000.  

The Miss Berbice pageant final is slated for Saturday November 24, at the Albion Sports Complex Ground (Tarmac). The competition begins at 6 pm.  

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