Breadfruit and Salt fish Patty (Photo by Cynthia Nelson)

Hi Everyone,

It is a combo with which all of us in the region are very familiar – breadfruit and salt fish. Though the origin of these foods as part of our food culture lies in one of the darkest periods of our history, as survivors, we have taken breadfruit and salt fish and created some of the most delectable offerings; so much so that those who only know about eating “high on the hog”, hungrily ask for seconds whenever they get the chance to eat what was known long ago as “slave food”.

Why do I say that breadfruit and salt fish are a perfect pair? Think about it. Breadfruit has a mild flavour, it is like a blank slate, therefore, it is the perfect accompaniment to many things, but it especially pairs well with foods that are more assertive in flavour, taste, and texture, like salt fish. And when the salt fish is cooked with ingredients such as onions, tomatoes, garlic, thyme and hot peppers, it’s drop-the-mic good. The blandness of the breadfruit contrasts with the flavourful, salty salt fish, you keep going back and forth between the two, each mouthful, a joy. And if you want to raise the game, have the breadfruit with any type of smoked fish!….

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