The possibility of being ethically fashionable

Living ethically as it relates to fashion has always been seen as elitist and rightly so to an extent since ethical clothing tends to be very expensive. Despite it being the socially conscious thing to invest in, the reality is that it is a lifestyle mostly accessible to those with high levels of disposable income.

In comparison to fast fashion, ethically-made clothing is seen as a waste of money by some, since as naturally frugal beings we tend to quantify value for money against the number of pieces we can possibly acquire.

Being fully ethically conscious is also probably one of the most difficult lifestyles to achieve. I feel that now, more than ever before, there is a heightened desire to consume. Last week I read an article on Quartzy which concluded that with the rise of social media, everyone feels a stronger craving to maintain and create their own individual personal brands. Social media as an outlet which allows people to document their life, additionally sets one up for judgment by peers, therefore the need to look different and appear to have the most desirous life is central for most. The article also went onto state that because of this psychological impact/factor consumers are more likely to return worn clothing after they are photographed in it for social media. Even as I reflect on my own life, I would admit some of my posts are purposeful and with intention to only show the best sides of me. It’s natural to want to feel well but as we have come to recognize and learn social media also equally affects our mental health…..

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