Who’s Who in business in Guyana

Arguably the most poignant of the rationale articulated in the “Publisher’s Note” for the emergence of Who’s Who In Guyana Business is the unending dilemma of “both local and foreign investors who lose a lot of time, energy and money due to not understanding the intricacies of the local business landscape.” The publisher could well have alluded too, to what frequently is the mind-boggling tangle of bureaucracy and red tape that is characteristic of the experience of navigating the investment landscape in developing countries. But then that – at least so it seems – is one of the missions of the Publisher, ActionINVEST’s Chairman, Vishnu Doerga.

 The January 17 launch of Who’s Who In Guyana Business, appears – based on the feedback it has attracted – to have found favour with audiences that go beyond the local business community, its on-line version attracting attention in the wider international community.

 Sections of the diplomatic community (he singled out the British High Commission in Georgetown) have also acknowledged and applauded the initiative, their concern being with their own responsibility for acting as a link between their own home capitals and such investment opportunities as might arise in Guyana…..

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