I’m feeling compromised: Granger’s governance beyond 2020

-Our Constitution,“their” CARICOM?

-Comrade Irfaan Vs His Excellency: Any contest?

I’ve advised voters, especially those bright-eyed first-timers between eighteen and twenty-five, that even when they fashion their loyalty and vote for their favourite political tribe, their choice is essentially, “the best of the bad lot”.

No good moralistic, gentleman-politician exists these days. There were actually a few around when I first voted around ’64-’66. Some Independents were not thirsting merely for authority or power. They sought to represent causes. All history now.

So after “abstaining” for many ears, I voted Granger/Nagamootoo in May 2015. As I’ve written before: not because I liked them. They were just “the better of the bad lot!” I knew Nagamootoo from the PPP’s Mirror to him being Minister post-‘92. Enough said. And I do not ever think that His Excellency the Brigadier is always “a decent man”. All politicians – as with all of us – are victims of man’s human frailties. Enough said. I just did not want Dr Jagdeo and his President Donald Rabindranauth in authority over the oil and gas emergence. Now, I’m experiencing second, third, fourth thoughts! Why? Because the decent Brigadier is doing just what the others did.….

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