We highly regard tolerance in this time. In many societies, the exercise of the right to freedom of expression along with freedom to believe whatever one chooses are the core of the balance. The religious, agnostics and atheists coexist; there are no planned conflicts in public places, no beheadings or burning at the stake but respect and acceptance.

But we know that is not the reality worldwide. People are still dying by way of war and terrorism; instead of men speaking to each other in an attempt to solve their differences, it is often bombs and guns that speak. We often only see the images of the victims, but we also mourn.

It was just this week that a series of churches were bombed in Sri Lanka. Hotels were bombed also and at end of the bloodbath over two hundred were dead and more than four hundred were left injured. And last month dozens of Muslims were killed in Australia by way of the bullet by one man. The mourning is unceasing…..

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