High Court asked to quash no-confidence motion

-Charrandas Persaud’s allegiance to Canada cited

Charrandas Persaud

-no action filed yet on 34 as majority

Private citizen Compton Herbert Reid yesterday filed an action, challenging the validity of former government parliamentarian Charrandas Persaud’s election as a Member of Parliament (MP) given his Canadian citizenship – the consequence of which, he contends, is that the no-confidence motion against the APNU+AFC government could not be regarded as having been passed.

In his action, which essentially seeks a declaration that Persaud could not have been qualified for election as a member of the National Assembly in the first place since he has pledged allegiance to Canada, Reid is also asking for an order setting aside the order of the Speaker that the no-confidence motion was passed. He is also asking for an order staying the enforcement of the December 21 no-confidence motion.

Additionally, he is asking the court for a conservatory order, preserving the status quo ante that the government remains in office until the hearing and determination of his application before the court…..

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