RISE calls on Cabinet to resign in accordance with constitution

Marcel Gaskin

Constitutional reform lobby group RISE Guyana yesterday called on the Cabinet inclusive of the President to resign saying that refusal to do so in light of the passage of a no-confidence motion against the APNU+AFC government, amounts to a violation of the Constitution.

It also urged the government to avoid any delay in seeking resolution of all the issues which the government has cited in questioning the validity of the vote.

On December 21, former government MP Charrandass Persaud defected and voted for an opposition PPP/C-sponsored no-confidence motion against the APNU+ AFC government, tipping the scales 33-32 to carry the motion. While the government initially accepted that the motion was carried, it has since questioned the validity of the vote. On Friday private citizen Compton Herbert Reid filed an action in the High Court questioning the validity of the vote and seeking to have it set aside.  January 15 has been fixed to hear the case…..

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