Cops destroy huge Millie’s Hideout ganja farms

One of the farms destroyed by the police.

Police yesterday found and destroyed thousands of marijuana plants that were being grown at 10 Miles, Millie’s Hideout, Upper Demerara River.

Police Commander Linden Lord told Stabroek News that police ranks, acting on intelligence, went to the location yesterday and discovered the cultivation of the plants at three different farms.

The plants and camps were burnt and the locations were marked for further investigation, Lord said.

At the first farm, which was an acre plot, Lord said the ranks found a nursery with approximately 1,500 plants and a makeshift camp with two hammocks, kitchen utensils and a quantity of groceries.

Items found at one of the makeshift camps and marijuana plants being destroyed.

After destroying the plants on the first farm, the ranks travelled to the second, which was located approximately a mile and half away and they found four acres with about 4,500 cannabis plants being cultivated. The plants measured between 3 and 8 feet in height and were estimated to weigh a total of about 900 kilos. Approximately 3,000 cannabis plants were also found in a nursery.

Police also found two makeshift camps with three mattresses, kitchen utensils, clothing and groceries at the farm.

Three miles away, the ranks found and destroyed a third farm, which had about 3,000 cannabis plants being cultivated on four acres. The plants measured between 2 and 8 feet in height and were estimated to weigh a total of 725 kilos. An additional 3,500 plants were found in a nursery. Also found were six makeshift camps with four beds, kitchen utensils, clothing and groceries. In two of the camps, dried cannabis with an estimate weight of 300 kilos was found.

No arrests were made.





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