Ramsaroop acted in ‘individual’ capacity to help Charrandass Persaud leave country – Jagdeo

Charrandas Persaud

Insisting that he did not know beforehand that Charrandass Persaud would defect and vote for the opposition’s no-confidence motion against the government, PPP member Peter Ramsaroop yesterday said that he agreed to facilitate the former MP’s safe exit from the country because of their close friendship.

“Charrandass is my friend and I didn’t even know if he was going to vote yes or not. He just said to me `if I decide to vote…would you help me with security’ and I said `absolutely yes…’,” Ramsaroop, a businessman told reporters shortly after a press conference hosted by Opposition Leader Bharrat Jagdeo had ended. Ramsaroop, along with several opposition MPs, were present at the press conference which was held at Jagdeo’s Church Street office.

On December 21, Ramsaroop, who was sitting behind Persaud, lifted his fist in a victory gesture when the then government MP voted in favour of the motion which triggered the fall of the government. He stayed close to Persaud after the vote had ended and they left Parliament Buildings via the back entrance in the same vehicle. It was later revealed that Ramsaroop had obtained a protocol pass the following day at the Eugene F. Correia International Air-port and accompanied Persaud to the airplane which was heading to Barbados. A Canadian diplomat was also in their company…..

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