Region Six councillors calling for hike in stipend

David Armogan

A majority of Region Six councillors are calling on the Minister of Communities to work on increasing their stipend at the earliest, since they believe that it is long overdue.

APNU Regional Councillor, Samuel Fraser, raised the issue at Region Six’s last statutory meeting. Fraser said he thinks it is time the “Minister of Communities review the stipend given to regional councillors with immediate effect”.

Regional Chairman, David Armogan, then stated, that he believes that it is an issue the entire council should support because it is a matter that has “been in the pipeline for quite some time”. He further stated, “That while other issues are being addressed this one is not being looked at”. The Chairman further told the council that he had recently raised the issue with Minister of Communities, Ronald Bulkan, who had told him that the matter was before the cabinet. However, Armogan said, “We have to push cabinet to make decisions. Cabinet cannot sit there and make decisions for other people’s interest and you have all these councillors coming here and you expect them to work full time, you expect them to do work in the communities and so, and you just paying them $10,000 a month, which I think is very unfair”…..

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