Two accused in 100-lb Parika drug bust contradict each other

From left in handcuffs are Doodnauth Chattergoon, Rajendra Persaud, Khemraj Lall, Marlon Lawrence and Cleve Thornhill after they appeared in court on June 12

The five men accused of trafficking over 100 pounds of drugs last year yesterday all maintained their innocence, while two contradicted each other. 

Trial magistrate Rochelle Liverpool is expected to deliver her ruling on January 31st on whether Khemraj Lall, 39, Marlon Lawrence, 36, Rajendra Persaud, 47, Cleve Thornhill, and Doodnauth Chattergoon, 36, are guilty or not.

They are charged with trafficking 13.8 kilogrammes (equivalent to 30 pounds) of cocaine and 35 kilogrammes (77 pounds) of cannabis on June 6th, 2018, at Parika.

No-case submissions presented by attorneys representing the five men were overruled yesterday by the magistrate, who then called upon them to lead their respective defences.  As a result, each man gave an unsworn statement to the court…..

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