Second oil and gas youth session held

Some of the youths who turned up

Approximately one hundred youths turned up at the Cliff Anderson Sports Hall on Saturday morning to participate in ‘Part Two’ of an interactive session on the oil and gas sector.

The first session on January 12 at the Umana Yana was attended by hundreds of youths. Due to the large turnout, many were forced to stand after the available seats were filled. Some were not even able to enter the venue as it was filled to capacity. As a result, arrangements were made to have the session repeated. 

The event was a collaboration between the Ministry of the Presidency’s Department of Energy and the Ministry of Social Cohesion’s Department of Youth.

The event was held in an effort to increase the levels of awareness among youth on the oil and gas sector, educate them on the multiplier effects of the sector, and provide an opportunity for young people to participate in the discussion and decision-making process, with regards to the sector’s opportunities and potential challenges.

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