GECOM Commissioner warns about dilatory tactics

Opposition-appointed GECOM commissioner Sase Gunraj today warned about dilatory behaviour at GECOM in relation to the preparation of timelines for the holding of general elections.

Sase Gunraj

A statement by Gunraj follows:

It is now widely known that after the statutory meeting of the Guyana Elections Commission held on Tuesday 29th of January 2019, it was decided that the Secretariat will provide to members of the Commission several work plans detailing the various options and the timelines regarding the holding of General and Regional Elections.

This information was confirmed by several members of the Commission who were interviewed immediately after the meeting and it was reported on by traditional and online news sources.

Further, it was agreed that the said work plans would have been presented by Friday 1st February 2019 so that it can be perused and digested for discussion by members of the Operations Committee at a meeting scheduled for Monday, 4 February 2019.

As at 10:30 AM on Saturday 2nd February 2019, no such documents have been received. I have confirmed with at least one other member of the said Committee, who reported that he had not received same.

No excuse, or attempt at an excuse, has been forthcoming for this refusal and or neglect to provide these work plans, which should have been ready or in any event, easily prepared, from the Secretariat.

I have had cause to comment, both within GECOM meetings and publicly, about the obvious dilatory tactics that are being employed to prevent the commencement of preparations for holding of elections in the constitutionally mandated timeline. I view this as another such delay.

Sase R. Gunraj
CoChair Operations Committee
Guyana Elections Committee

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