Charrandass Persaud sues Ramjattan for $30m over alleged libel

Former APNU+AFC MP Charrandass Persaud has sued Minister of Public Security Khemraj Ramjattan for $30m for alleged libel in the aftermath of the December 21, 2018 motion of no confidence in Parliament.

Following the vote which led to the fall of the government, Ramjattan made a series of allegations against Persaud in Stabroek News, the Guyana Chronicle and other publications and broadcasts.

Charrandass Persaud

In the statement of claim filed by attorney Chris Ram, Persaud said that Ramjattan was given an opportunity to withdraw the allegations and failed to do so.

In relation to the innuendo that the claimant was a traitor by supporting the no-confidence vote; the claimant has publicly stated that he exercised his conscience when he voted”, the statement of claim said.

It added that Persaud has been verbally attacked as a result of the words uttered by Ramjattan and is therefore fearful of returning to Guyana.

Following the vote, Ramjattan had passed information on to the police about Persaud.

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