Child abuse victims need help with trauma

-UG, ChildLink forum hears

Kosi John

Child abuse victims are oftentimes left on their own to deal with the severe trauma of their experiences and even families believe they can just `bounce back’ without any long-term impacts.

This was one of the themes discussed at a forum at the University of Guyana’s (UG) Turkeyen campus on Tuesday. The session was hosted by UG in association with ChildLink.

ChildLink, a Non-Governmental Organisation, works toward the protection of children against abuse and exploitation, including physical, sexual and emotional abuse, neglect and commercial exploitation, and aims to strengthen protection networks, systems, policies and approaches for further impact on the cause.

“Trauma Stories, Acting in, Acting out”, is the final in a series of four position papers that ChildLink has produced to highlight the wide effects of child abuse, Chairman of ChildLink, Kosi John explained…..

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