Guyana-born businessman shot dead in Barbados

Eton Lyken

Guyana-born bakery owner, Eton Lyken was shot dead in Barbados yesterday, according to online news service, Barbados Today.

The report said that a single bullet just after midnight took 46-year-old Eton Lyken away from his family. He was their sole bread winner.

According to the Barbados Nation, Police reported that Lyken,  of Beckles Road, St Michael, and Andrew Vanderpool, 43, had been parked in an area between Block No. 5 of Country Park Towers and Highrise No. 1. near Country Road, St Michael, when they were attacked and robbed around 12:25 a.m. yesterday.

Lyken, a father of four, was shot in the head but Vanderpool was unhurt. The culprit then fled the area by foot. The death has brought the number of murders for the year to 23, with 13 by the gun.

Mia Kirton, Lyken’s girlfriend,  told the Barbados Nation she had been trying to get their 18-month-old baby to sleep for over an hour.

“I was trying to put sleep Angel for a long time but she kept moving, like something was wrong,” she said, moments after bursting into tears and having to be consoled by her brother Jamar Kirton.

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