Women vendors speak on joys and challenges of motherhood

Kim Maison

Mother’s Day is an annual occasion which celebrates a mother’s contributions to her family life, and although motherhood is challenging, having children is one of the greatest joys that can be experienced.

This was the general sentiment expressed yesterday, when Sunday Stabroek took to downtown Georgetown to interview a few hard working mothers who make a living for themselves and their families through vending.

For Kim Maison, being pampered on Mother’s Day is not an option; at least not until her children are all grown. The mother of five related that four of her children are still pursuing their education and her eldest, a father of four, lives abroad, and so the responsibility of celebrating Mother’s Day will rest solely on her shoulders. “I don’t mind, I am looking forward to be pampered in the future by my children cause they know everything I do is for them,” she commented…..

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