Imran Khan says successfully objected to removal of wife’s name from AFC delegates list

AFC executive member Imran Khan yesterday said that he was within his rights to object to the arbitrary removal of his wife’s name from the delegates’ list for the party’s upcoming National Executive Conference (NEC) and has expressed confidence that this issue will be satisfactorily resolved by the Management Committee.

Khan broke his silence following media reports that he threatened to seek a court injunction to halt the June 15 NEC. This occurred on Saturday on the closing day for nominations.

“It would appear as though the delegate status of the Khan household is pre-occupying the time and thoughts of certain persons. This is an internal party matter and I have every confidence that it will be resolved,” he said in a Facebook post before indicating that given that the matter has made its way into the public domain, he felt it was appropriate to state the facts to debunk the “falsehoods, lies and misinformation being peddled.”….

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