Sargassum invasion chokes south coast businesses in Barbados

Sargassum seaweed

(Barbados Nation) SOME BEACH OPERATORS on the South Coast are in a financial bind as an invasion of Sargassum seaweed chokes their business.

Large piles of thick algae have taken over Silver Sands beach in Christ Church and transformed the beautiful crystal waters into a brown wash.

Operators said for the past three weeks their earnings had plummeted.

“I am losing a lot of business but still trying to do my li’l thing; money have to make,” said kitesurfing instructor Joshua Clarke. “I used to do ten classes per day but now I am only doing one. Visitors are just coming, looking at the weed and turning back.”

Veteran kite surfer Brian Talma said the sargassum was not only negatively impacting the Silver Sands beach culture, but affecting the wider economy.

He said sports tourism attracted numerous people across the world and when the island should be cashing in with the surplus of visitors, the seaweed was driving them away.

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