Kyle Thompson being assisted by a patron after being shot.

(Trinidad Express) A Fyzabad man was killed by a single gunshot fired from a police officer’s gun in Vessigny Village, La Brea early Monday.

Kyle Thompson, 23, of Dubarry Street, was shot in the chest. He was pronounced dead at hospital.

He is the 45th person to be killed by police this year.

A senior police officer told the Express that someone came to the Guapo Police Station around 2.30 a.m. and reported that a man was armed with a firearm at Dream Girls bar in Vessigny.

The report was relayed to the La Brea police and two constables responded.

The senior officers said upon the officers’ arrival in there, a group of at least four men began pelting them with bottles in the car park.

One of the officers who was struck with the bottles fired one round from his service revolver and shot Thompson.

The officers placed Thompson in the police vehicle and took him to the Point Fortin Area hospital where doctors pronounced him dead.

A video of the incident shot by someone hiding behind a door near the car park showed the ground littered with shards of glass with the police vehicle parked near the bar.

The footage showed Thompson emerging from the bar facing the police vehicle when an explosion was heard.

Thompson collapsed in the car park.

Several men surrounded him and attempted to assist him when they realised he was shot.

Women were heard screaming in the background.

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