Prepared to help with Health and Family Life Education programme in schools

Dear Editor,

I have seen the recent calls by certain prominent persons about the resumption of the Health and Family Life Education programme in our schools. 

I was a prominent member of the team which had introduced this at the Teacher’s Training College for teachers undergoing training, as well as in various centres around the country involving groups of teachers, as a part of a team headed by a very talented and committed Roman Catholic priest.  Apart from the actual training sessions, we had introduced and shared, at no cost to the Ministry of Education, handbooks with the course material.

We conducted these classes for a number of years, but were unceremoniously ordered to stop the programme, apparently because it was suspected that we were preaching some form of religion.  This was very far from the truth, and we the trainers, as well as many teachers and headteachers around the country, were very disappointed that this invaluable input into our children’s health and social upbringing was being curtailed because of some error in judgement by some political boss, who incidentally had offered no alternative to fulfil the vital objectives of the programme.

However, I am heartened by this call for its revival, and I am now offering my services for any advice and other input I may be able to give that will help to bring it to a reality.  Please email me at if you choose to accept this offer of cooperation.

Yours faithfully,

Roy Paul

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