Guyanese public should be extremely concerned about the late PNCR MP’s ‘five-year development plan’

Dear Editor,

Kindly permit these comments to supplement some of what has been said already regarding the government’s controversial motion passed in praise of the late PNCR MP, Mr. Abdul Kadir, despite his terrorism-related conviction in a US Federal Court.

Some now argue that Washington should respect Guyana’s right to self-determination and should not have criticized the Kadir motion.

Maybe the problem is not Washington, but Georgetown. Perhaps that argument should have been made when Mr. Kadir was taken off a plane in Trinidad. Or when, the year before, another Guyanese national, Mr. Roger Khan, supposedly on the way to Guyana, was also removed from another plane in Trinidad by both Surinamese and non-Caribbean agents, and Georgetown was silent. Even parliament and the usual patriots.

As is known, both Kadir and Khan ended up in federal court proceedings in New York.

Not everything submitted into those proceedings by the US government were necessarily gospel. Who will question when Georgetown is silent?

Of interest to the Guyanese public, during the trial of Mr. Kadir and his co-conspirators, a US agent testified as to the content of a “five-year development plan” or report that was created by and seized from Mr. Kadir’s home in Linden, along with other items.

These include computer files, writings, prayer books, speeches, a “photograph of a bloody severed head with Arabic writing underneath the head,” a partial phonebook titled “important phone numbers,” religious literature, anti-Iraq literature, Linden mining documents, Tehran Times newspapers, and yes, “PNC documents.” 

Washington is rightly serious about terrorism. If local party documents such as the aforesaid “PNC documents” surfaces in a terrorism trial, then Washington will take note. To do otherwise, is irrational and risky. Guyana is a transshipment point for certain schools of global terrorism and Guyanese ought to be vigilant. 

As such, the Guyanese public should, like Washington, be extremely concerned about the late PNCR MP’s “five-year development plan,” compiled for the benefit of Iran. How could such a serious plan exist at the home of a PNCR MP, and Georgetown including Congress Place be unaware or silent?

In it the late PNCR MP detailed how elements might infiltrate major Guyanese institutions, for the benefit of Iran and other forces. The national army or GDF was being set up by a PNCR MP for infiltration or weakening.  The police, the government (“ministries”), local newspapers and radio stations were also to be targeted. In order to help achieve all of this infiltration. The PNCR MP suggested that “forged” documents be used and as well as persons with multiple citizenships, which is to say, introduce persons with transnational background into Guyana’s community to weaken it.

In his five-year report, the late PNCR MP provided information regarding the “gross agricultural output of Guyana,” the relationship between the then government and the Trades Union Congress, about influential persons in the then government, and stated that “the local army about 3,000 strong is now sinking low in morale, many soldiers have left, some for Venezuela, Brazil, and others for the road.”

Yours faithfully,

Rakesh Rampertab

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