Not even the President appears to be aware of normalization of corruption, incompetence

Dear Editor,

I have been looking on at the recent Cabinet adjustments made by the President. What I found amazing is that the former Minister, Carl Greenidge was replaced by a neophyte as the Minister of Foreign Affairs. But even more interesting is that some of those who were moved from one position to another or given some kind of promotion have had allegations of corruption and/or incompetence levelled against them and they continue to serve.

Greenidge was Minister of Finance under Presidents Burnham and Hoyte for a total of nine years and I have never heard any allegations of corruption or incompetence levelled against him. I have never heard any such allegations levelled against him when he was Minister of Foreign Affairs. When I mention this corruption/incompetence aspect in the changes to others – irrespective of their educational level – they are surprised. It means that the tolerance of corruption and incompetence has become acceptable. So much so that not even the President appears to be aware of the normalization of corruption and incompetence and that such behaviour needs to be eradicated since it undermines our development as a people and a nation.

I would argue that the PPP’s tolerance of corruption is motivated by religious beliefs; but maybe the current President’s tolerance is motivated by naivety.  Whatever reason we come up with for the tolerance of corruption and incompetence, the nation not only needs to do better, but I think corruption in high places will become worse with the flow of oil since greed is an element of the human condition.

Yours faithfully,

Professor Kean Gibson

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