Disi, MA to host KMS Party

Rondel ‘Disi’ Holder

Gospel/conscious music rapper and singer Rondel ‘Disi’ Holder is teaming up with artiste Martin Massiah who goes by the stage name MA to host the Kingdom Music Session (KMS) Party scheduled for February 9.

KMS will also feature other gospel artistes like Kevin Dainty, Yonnick Adolph, Church Boy Shaq, Millennial King and Ann Marie Vantull.

In a previous interview with The Scene back in 2016 Disi had shared his reason for wanting more upbeat music. He really wanted to have youths like himself find love in worshiping God, noting that many find it difficult to stay in church and most times they complain that church is not designed for them and would prefer an upbeat tempo when it comes to music…..

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