Leeanna Allen to release video for poem ‘See You’

Spoken word poet Leeanna Allen is expected to release a video for her poem “See You”, which she penned five years ago at a time she was searching for healing for her own soul in a bid in find herself.

“Over the years of working in different environments and interacting with different types of people, I have drawn the conclusion that at the core of many social issues that prevail in our society is the fundamental question: Who am I? In my humble opinion, many of us have not been able to answer this question outside of our successes and/or failures,” Leeanna said.

“For some time, I had the same challenge as well and not successfully answering this question impacted my life negatively. In some way, shape or form, we are all in search of our identities and, based on our influences, opportunities, nature and nurture; misguidedly we sometimes choose to answer this question based on external factors.”….

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