I Am Us explores unity in diversity

The National Cultural Centre will come alive next Saturday and Sunday evening, March 9 and 10 with the full-length play, I Am Us produced by the Ethnic Relations Commissions as a means of promoting unity and to preserve peace and good relations despite the divisiveness of past elections.

I Am Us was written in 2015 by Neaz Subhan, who had hoped to have it staged in 2016, who has tailored it for this staging. Subhan is also the director of the play. The play focuses on two neighbouring families reflective of the two largest ethnic groups. While their differences with regard to their ethnicities, religion and culture may be expected to be contributing factors for disagreement, the elders within the families remained good natured to each other serving as the best examples for their children.

I Am Us weaves the very important aspect of holistic inclusiveness. This unity becomes threatened and is regrettably fractured as elections approach. With this unfortunate aspect of our history, such events can reveal latent suspicious among Guyanese, especially these two focus groups…..

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