Beauty and the Beast JR for National Cultural Centre

The Georgetown Inter-national Academy presents its annual musical theatrical production at the end of this month. This year’s production is Beauty and the Beast, JR. The Disney-themed play will have a cast and crew of 100 children.

In an interview, Technical Director of the musical Christian Sobers spoke briefly on the objectives of the production. “We want our kids to have a great experience with musical theatre. We want to inspire kids who want to get involved in drama to take this up. We’re hoping that musical theatre culturally in Guyana will grow and hope that these future shows work towards including more live music.

“Last year was the first time we did a live band with the musical performance and we’ll be doing it again this year.”

The school put on its first show in 2012, and has done one every year since, always leaving a satisfied and entertained audience.

Last year’s theatrical production was Shrek the Musical, JR. The adapted play brought much laughter and creativity that left room for viewers to use their imagination. The show was a sold out one and this is expected to happen again this year.

The production is co-directed by Subraj Singh and Ellenelle Gilliam, the latter also being the Musical Director.

Beauty and the Beast, JR is slated for March 30, at the National Cultural Centre. General admission is $1,200 and children under 3 years old can enter free. The show starts at 7 pm. Tickets can be purchased at the National Cultural Centre.

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