Twenty-five shortlisted for Miss World Guyana 2020

A collage of the quarterfinalists.

On Sunday last, Majesty International introduced 25 quarterfinalists to compete in the Miss World Guyana 2020 competition.

Reigning Miss World Guyana Ambika Ramraj shed some light on what the journey as queen has been for her so far and read the charge to those present before sashing them. Some of the candidates reside abroad did their introductions via videos.

The Miss World Guyana Organisation had announced earlier this year that instead of having a local pageant for 2019 they would use this year to better prepare the selected candidates for next year’s competition. This strategy, the organisation said in a release, would allow the competitors ample time to “gain the confidence that is required to become the face of Guyana [and to]… build more visibility, add value, boost confidence, build character and the resilience for each journey.”….

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