Fish in Tomato-Onion Sauce goes well with steamed veggies (Photo by Cynthia Nelson)

It may sound like stew fish, but it isn’t. This recipe takes less time to prepare and it is a quick cook anytime of the day.

Sometimes you want something light to eat, without sacrificing flavour. Sometimes you want something that can be ready is under 30 minutes. Sometimes you want something that you can eat with rice, ground provisions, bread or steamed vegetables. Well, this dish checks all of those boxes.

In Guyana, our stew fish involves a 2-step cooking process – seasoning and par cooking the fish by frying it first and then adding it to a rich sauce/gravy to finish cooking. Man, there is nothing like stewed Snapper, Snook or Trout. This recipe of Fish in Tomato Sauce eliminates the step of frying making the dish less caloric. And, by adding the fish raw to the boiling hot sauce the fish cooks up quickly facilitating the true texture of the fish to be experienced. This way, you can cook a variety of fish and learn of their textures, what you prefer and don’t like. It is cooking simple and letting the ingredient ‘speak to you’…..

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