Somehow ageing has made me become more aware of what is going into my body. While the outer appearance may be deceitful and look youthful to some, internally most of us can feel a shift when we become tired easily, and notice changes in our physical performance level. Like with any machine if you don’t take care of it and maintain it will not function as well as expected.

During mid last year I decided to start visiting the gym and to try my best to eat a balanced diet daily. I now have heightened energy levels, and to be honest I feel more mentally adjusted. It has motivated me to want to live a more holistic, healthy life. According to the Economist, 2019 was declared ‘the year of the vegan.’ It reported that a quarter of millennials identify as vegan or vegetarian. In 2018, according to another report, the vegan food industry recorded 20 percent growth in comparison to the previous year. Some say it’s a fad, that will soon disappear but those who have reaped its benefits know how difficult it is to switch back. There is a strong sense of guilt, it feels as if you are doing something wrong.

Choosing to lead a holistic, healthy live may be done for several reasons like personal health or for the environment, but an interesting factor to consider is race. I have always had a weird relationship with skincare; beauty advertisements have a peculiar power over me. It always feels like I need to buy into every suggested potion they concoct to help to sort out my beauty woes. The factor I have never considered is that genetically darker skin tones are built differently and this should inform the type of products we should be using…..

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