Catalogue of corruption

The recently released Auditor General’s Report for 2009 reads – as it customarily does like a corruption catalogue.

Mr Badal’s point of view

As best as this newspaper can recall, no businessman, at least in recent memory, has chosen to talk back to government on any issue in quite the manner that Robert Badal has recently.

The miners, the criminals and the police

A few weeks ago we published an editorial that sought to draw attention to the fact that criminals appeared to be focusing more pointed attention on the mining areas in the interior of Guyana.

Production is only part of the challenge

Minister Robert Persaud’s recent remarks about the nexus between agricultural production and securing markets, particularly overseas markets for the food we produce, has, for more reasons than one, struck a responsive chord with this newspaper.

Textbook pirating fiasco warrants minister’s response

If, as has recently been reported in the media, the Ministry of Education is involved in the copying and distributing to state schools of textbooks published by overseas publishers without the knowledge and, by extension the consent of the Minister of Education, that in itself would be an unflattering comment on the manner in which the ministry is administered.


Unquestionably, GuyExpo usually generates a considerable measure of public interest. Most of the major local private sector enterprises display their goods and services, there is some measure of participation by regional and international exhibitors and buyers in the event, it is usually opened with much fanfare by the President and crowds, large crowds of people make the journey to Sophia every day – mostly in the evenings – to witness and be part of the spectacle.

Setting a positive precedent: GT&T & TELESUR

Little if any public attention has been paid to the significance of the new US$60m submarine telecommunications cable for relations between the two South American Republics that share the cable and what this might mean for the bettering of a bilateral relationship which, over the years, has been blighted by a bitter controversy over borders.

The copyright conundrum 1

The Business Editorial Last Sunday, the Kaieteur News reported on the seemingly unstoppable trade in illegal reproduction and sale of text books and the impact of the practice on the viability of legitimate bookselling operations.