Differences with gov’t will not derail private sector agenda -new Chairman

Says he will not preside over weak Commission Newly elected Chairman of the Private Sector Commission (PSC) Captain Gerry Gouveia has told Stabroek Business that he has no intention of allowing differences of opinion between government and the private sector to derail the PSC’s agenda for the growth and development of the business sector specifically and Guyana in general.

Business Editorial

The public face of Guyana Water Inc. The Chief Executive Officer of the Guyana Water Inc Karan Singh strongly believes that the problems associated with the payment of water rates are, for want of a better word “cultural.” In other words, as he puts it, “people have taken the land of many waters saying” to mean that “they should receive clean water in their homes whenever they turn their taps on.” Evidence of high costs associated with the provision of electricity and telephone services are, for the most part, far more visible to consumers than in the case of water.

Faking certification marks

Evadnie Fields-Benfield is the Information Co-ordinator at the Guyana National Bureau of Standards Introduction “In order to serve their intended purpose, the public must be able to trust certification marks”.

Nations waste billions of dollars of food annually

…while many starve and the environment suffers By Karen Abrams While food prices increase, and food shortages plague developing countries, producing countries lose a large supply of food annually to waste due to transportation, cold storage and distribution problems, while in developed nations like the UK, US, and Japan, consumers and organizations waste billions of dollars in food each year due to over buying, poor planning, busy schedules and a myriad of reasons explored below.

Applying information technology to traditional business in Guyana

Part I By Andre Griffith Introduction This series looks at applications of information and communications technologies to traditional businesses in Guyana, and at some of the implications for the formation of a new business sector based on the so called atomic e-business models such as information processing, online retailing and others. 

Investing in Guyana: A view from the Diaspora

The private sector and investors from the Diaspora are inextricably tied together A recently retired Guyanese friend of mine who currently resides in Georgia just returned home from a two week visit to Guyana. 

T&T technology-driven mega-farms to push food security

 The Trinidad and Tobago private sector will play a key role in driving the implementation mechanisms being created by the government to support its investment in the refashioning of the country’s agricultural sector in response to the global food crisis.

Food security and the private sector: The T&T example

Three week ends ago, at the forum held in Georgetown to map out strategies for regional food security, Trinidad and Tobago’s Minister of Agriculture Arnold Piggot outlined the framework for his country’s national agri-business development programme, the twin-island Republic’s envisaged response to the global food crisis.

A red herring or a fiscal tragedy

(Rawle Lucas is a Guyanese-born Certified Public Accountant and Assistant Vice President of the Lending Services Division.

Iowa under water while Americans and the world brace for effects of the third strike

By Karen Abrams Is the era of cheap food over? Strike one resulted in higher food prices due to rising oil prices, strike two resulted in yet higher food prices as many brilliant economic minds in the US encouraged corn ethanol production to combat steady rising oil prices, strike three continues to play out as Iowa; America’s breadbasket state, responsible for 18% of the nation’s corn production struggles to rebound from the recent disastrous floods. 

WWG Guianas

El Nino danger floated The Association of Tropical Biology and Conservation was founded in 1963 to promote research and to foster the exchange of ideas among biologists working in the tropics.

Incubating in the Courtyard Mall

The New Essentials accessories store in one of several small businesses that have found their way to the Courtyard Mall, a popular incubator for urban commercial enterprises.

Gold rush could be stymied by EU, US mercury crackdown

Even as rising world market prices for gold trigger a frenetic gold rush in Guyana’s hinterland region, a vigorous international lobby for safer mining practices may force fundamental changes in local operations.

Cheddi Jagan Airport facing double security challenge

Even as the Cheddi Jagan International Airport  (CJIA), Timehri authority seeks to take stronger measures to thwart the movement of drugs through Guyana’s sole international airport, concerns are being expressed about other aspects of airport security.

Rising Oil Prices: Prospect and Retrospect

By Rajendra Rampersaud The escalating price of oil that has surpassed all predictions and projected by some pundits to reach US$200 per barrel threatens a fragile world economy.

Stock market updates

GASCI (www.gasci.com/telephone Nº 223-6175/6) reports that session 258’s trading results showed consideration of $5,137,847 from 141,765 shares traded in 24 transactions as compared to session 257 which showed consideration of $6,360,453 from 570,467 shares traded in 20 transactions.