I’d like to help the family

Dear Editor, I am a Guyanese living in Toronto and I am an avid reader of our newspaper, the Stabroek News.

‘Cultural Plagiarism’ is pervasive from clothes to food to entertainment

Dear Editor, First we are being “mimic men,” and now we are engaging in “cultural plagiarism” (see the letter “Celebrating Halloween is cultural plagiarism” (07.11.06).” In academia and in the intellectual property rights’ domain, plagiarism is considered a serious act of impropriety, which in some cases can lead to jail time, expulsion and isolation from peers.

Speed thrills or kills?

Dear Editor, I was horrified to read the views expressed by one Christopher Rambaran in the “What the people say” column (SN November 5, 2007).

Citizens of Buxton must not shelter criminals 1

Dear Editor, I think the relatives and friends of wanted man David Leander called David Zammett and ‘Biscuit who are staging a protest at the Georgetown hospital should be arrested and charged.

Schools should reintroduce road safety programmes

Dear Editor, With respect to “the increasing popularity of American cultural traditions like Halloween and Thanks-giving in Guyana” as stated by Mr Urling in his letter captioned “I thoroughly enjoyed Halloween and St Patrick’s day parties ” (07.11.04) “being attributed to the fact that the world is indeed “flattening” and is becoming smaller”, I beg to differ as it is nothing short of a form of cultural plagiarism by the minority Guyanese to cultivate American cultural forms in our society just to be associated with an American phenomenon.

Naipaul’s understanding of economic development was very deep

Dear Editor, I really don’t know how to respond to your (rather predictable) editorial captioned “A grouse for Mr Naipaul” (07.10.30) on Naipaul and his latest book, but I do know that a response is warranted, and for many reasons.