Sour Is A Serious Matter

Hi Everyone, It is a simple sauce-condiment made with few ingredients. But get it wrong and it will ruin the pleasure and enjoyment of the food it was made to accompany.

I resolve to keep eating

While many of you have probably resolved this New Year to cut out, restrict, or deprive yourselves of certain food and drinks, I resolve to continue moderating my intake, and, to expand my palette.

What’s Cooking: Christmas

Hi Everyone, What’s Cooking is a series in which I answer questions and share advice about food and cooking that you have but may be too shy to ask.

Don’t forget the bread!

Hi Everyone, While we hustle and bustle about setting Garlic Pork and Ginger Beer, making Pepperpot and baking cake days in advance, securing the ham and other traditional holiday goodies, please do not forget the bread.

A rival for Conkies

Hi Everyone, My late, dearly beloved auntie, Betty, introduced me to Conkies. I cannot remember my exact age, but I know that I was not yet 13.

My Diwali meal

Hi Everyone, Every year, whether is it Eid, Easter or Diwali – whatever the religious holiday, I cook and comfort myself with a taste of home.

Coconut oil: It’s not ‘pure poison’

Hi Everyone, I’m sure you must have read or heard of the recent news report coming out of the lecture: ‘Coconut Oil and other Nutritional Errors’ by Dr Karin Michels in which she declared that coconut oil is “pure poison” and “one of the worst foods you can eat”.

Sirnee: A Celebratory Treat

Hi Everyone, There are many things that we can point to that make us different, and, there are many things that make us realize that we are not really that different, after all, we share the same values, uphold the same standards and strive for similar goals, and, we eat the same food.

Macaroni Salad

The Hawaiian Way

Hi Everyone, Don’t you often find mayo-based macaroni salad to be bland? The dressing causes the pasta to slip and slide and sometimes pool in the dish.

Red dot specials

Hi Everyone, Have you ever been in to a supermarket and noticed a round bright fluorescent orange sticker stamped on various packaged food items?

Pressure cooked!

Hi Everyone, Have you ever cooked meat, or poultry, such as duck, in a pressure cooker only to have it turn to shreds?

Weekend eating: Plantain Nachos

Hi Everyone, Here is the checklist for a traditional plate of Nachos: ●Crispy ●Cheesy ●Flecks of heat from hot peppers Nachos are made with 3 ingredients – corn tortilla chips, cheese, and hot peppers.

Celebration bread

Hi Everyone, I am not a daily bread eater but when it comes to feasts, festivals, and holidays, count me in for celebration bread!

Simply delicious: Fried Potatoes

Hi Everyone, Picture this: finely chopped onions cooked slowly until soft and sweet; tomatoes cooked on low heat until they break down and melt, rustically pulpy; crushed garlic so soft that it creams easily when pressed against the back of a spoon.

Lenten eating

Hi Everyone, As a self-confessed weekday vegetarian, my friends tease me that I have it easy during Lent; that I have a readymade forbearance.

What’s Cooking: Steaming

Hi Everyone, What’s Cooking is a series in which I answer questions and share advice about food and cooking that you may have but are too shy to ask.

Food For Thought, Really

Hi Everyone, Guyana opened its latest fast food restaurant chain in December – Burger King – and from all accounts, it’s a huge success.