Tastes Like Home

Check your serving dishes and glasses for family style or individual serving (Photo by Cynthia Nelson)
Check your serving dishes and glasses for family style or individual serving (Photo by Cynthia Nelson)

Timely Holiday Reminder

While you are busy bustling with all the decorative things that make the holidays look and feel festive, this a timely reminder that you also need to pay attention to what you need to get in the kitchen to make your holiday cooking and baking a success.

Special occasion favourite - Coconut Laddoo/Laddu
(Photo by Cynthia Nelson)

Sweetmeats Time

Bring on the sugar rush, it’s Diwali! The religious significance of the occasion and what it represents is not lost on us, it is the festival of lights, the triumph of good over evil, lightness over darkness, a time of peace and goodwill.

Steamed Bora dressed with Ginger-scallion Sauce (Photo by Cynthia Nelson)

Steamed & Teeming with Flavour

Let’s be honest, steamed vegetables can be boring and unappetizing. Whenever they are served, we always feel obligated to take some because it is healthy and good for us – even if we are not monitoring our blood pressure, blood sugar levels or cholesterol.

Egg-Cheese Sandwich (Photo by Cynthia Nelson)

Ten spreads to make

Schools reopen next week, and with that will come the hustle and bustle of morning routines – waking up earlier to get dressed and organised, packing snacks and lunches, running to catch the bus, or dropping off others and trying to beat the traffic to get to work/school on time.

Avocado-Cucumber Salad with Preserved Lime Dressing
(Photo by Cynthia Nelson)

Avocado-Cucumber Salad

Often, all it takes is a little imagination, creativity, or quite frankly, a bit of laziness to put together familiar ingredients and come up with something quite delicious.

Sada roti with butter (Photo by Cynthia Nelson)

Other breads with butter

There is no disputing the lure and lusciousness of bread smeared with rich creamy butter… sometimes melting, settling deeply into the crumb, depending on the warmth of the bread – toasted or fresh from the oven.

Fried Bakes and Bangamary (Photo by Cynthia Nelson)

Bake & Banga

Listen up people, you have got to make this this weekend or sometime very soon – fried Bakes and Bangamary.

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