Hard-dough Bread

Fort Lauderdale Soirée Pt. 4

Hi Everyone, It’s been nice sharing with you about the meet-up in Fort Lauderdale with Al, CAG and Observer, along with their wives Mar, Desi and Pat.

Bamboo Fire Café

Hi Everyone, Welcome to part 3 of a 4-part series about a gathering of Tastes Like Home friends who met for the first time in July this year.

Foodie Summer Pursuits

Hi Everyone,  Each summer when I travel for my annual vacation, there is always a foodie pursuit for an ingredient, a tool, a piece of equipment or something kitchen related.

Sweating The Good Stuff

Hi Everyone,  Sweat is one of the least appetizing words when it comes to food and cooking, but sweated onions are a key part to cooking many dishes.

A ‘lill sauce with big flavour

Chadon Beni

Hi Everyone, The herb chadon beni is to Trini cuisine what that special fine thyme is to Guyanese cuisine – ever present, a favourite and a signature flavour.

Paratha Roti –

Clap it or shake it?

Hi Everyone, “Long ago, roti used to clap, ply ply… nowadays is share mug shake… sigh.” Gordon Moseley (Facebook posting July 28, 7.36 p.m.).

Buying Black Pudding

– it is a backdoor affair

Hi Everyone,  This week’s column concludes the 2-part look at Black Pudding. It’s late Saturday afternoon.

Making Black Pudding

– it’s not about a recipe

Hi Everyone, This week begins a 2-part series about Black Pudding. A recipe is someone’s interpretation of how to make a dish.

What’s in a name?

Telling it like it is

Hi Everyone, We are people who are at once sophisticated and simple. When it comes to our food, we like to tell it like it is.

Let’s fry some chicken

Hi Everyone, What is it about fried chicken that is so alluring? It’s a favourite of almost everyone, (well except vegetarians of course).

5 Must-tries in Guyana

What’s yours?

Hi Everyone,  If you had to come up with 5 food (food & beverage) items that people visiting Guyana must try, what would they be?

A heartfelt thank you

Hi Everyone, When I first conceptualized this column, Tastes Like Home, I knew what I would be getting out of it and I knew what people living away from Guyana would be getting out of it.

‘Stretch-out’ Breadfruit

Hi Everyone, We have been chatting for several years now, so much so that things have reached the stage where I have to start some of our conversations with one of these phrases: Remember I told you… Last year I shared with you… If you have been reading me for a while… Well this is going to be one of those occasions.

Brasilian Acarajé

An exercise in patience

Hi Everyone, Last week Wednesday, I sat for 4 straight hours engaged in the tedious task of removing the skins off of 4 ½ cups of rehydrated black eye peas.

Staying connected (with) food taunts

Hi Everyone, It’s cruel, unfair and sheer torture. What is? The calling, texting, tweeting, Facebook-ing and instant messaging that many of us are involved in as we tease and taunt our family and friends living overseas with the food of home.

Potato Bake

Hi Everyone, No matter which way you combine potatoes, milk, cream, garlic, fresh herbs and cheese, the result would always be a resounding success.

Freedom and responsibility

Hi Everyone, “We cannot afford to mortgage our palettes to foreign producers” – Freundel Stuart The Barbadian Prime Minister made this remark at the opening of the recently concluded annual local Agricultural Festival (AGROFEST).

Seeing red

Hi Everyone, I’m seeing red, but I’m not angry. On the contrary, I am quite delighted.

Picnic eating

Hi Everyone, Tomorrow is Mashramani and apart from the main event – the parade of costumes and bands in various parts of the country – the number one activity that many will be participating in is some form of picnic.

In support of calypso

To close off three weeks of writing about the local music scene, I am zooming in on a genre that in Guyana at least, seems to have lost its steam.

The less you know…

Hi Everyone, A couple of years ago, no, wait almost 4 years ago (where does the time go?!) I wrote telling you about an amazing cornbread I had at a barbeque restaurant in the United States.

Hot Fluffy Rice

Hi Everyone, Taken for granted though indispensable for many meals, plainly cooked-rice is content and secure in its supportive role.

The hype and being informed

Hi Everyone, There is way too much misinformation about food out there. Those with influence give the impression that one-size-fits-all when it comes to food and making choices.

End of season jam

Hi Everyone,  with the end of the Sorrel season quickly closing in, I wanted to share with you a way in which you can still enjoy the flavour of sorrel beyond the season.

The Cost of Food

Hi Everyone, Fact: food is expensive. Fact: we are spending more and getting very little for the dollar.

Back to basics

Weekday food & weekend food

Hi Everyone,  One of the things about communicating is knowing when to say what, to whom, and how to say it.

A Memorable Year

Hi Everyone, It’s been another memorable year for Tastes Like Home. It was often the simple things that evoked the most memories.

A real boozy pudding

Hi Everyone,  De Trini(s) might never let me back in deh country for what I have done with their beloved Punch de Crème but I think if they stop long enough to taste my Punch de Crème Bread Pudding they might forgive me.

The spice in my rice

Hi Everyone, With the holidays looming large, everyone is looking to spice things up – literally and figuratively.

Bejewelled Bread


Hi Everyone, The Italian sweet bread – Panettone – reminds me of the Christmas holidays.