Roes of Pleasure

Hi Everyone, The heated oil shimmers. Onions, fresh herbs and chopped hot peppers hit the pan and sizzle.

The Other Parts

Hi Everyone,  Ewww… Gross! Yuck! These sounds plus expressions of scorn and disgust are usually the reaction of many people when they are offered the other parts of meat, poultry or seafood.

‘Sweet hands’

Hi Everyone, “Sweet Hands means that a person is so talented in the kitchen that anything he or she makes… is like manna from the Gods.” That is how American journalist, chef and cookbook author, with roots in Trinidad, Ramin Ganeshram, explained the title of her book back in 2010 when it was published.

Have a cookie

Hi Everyone, This cookie ain’t gonna crumble. This cookie ain’t hard. This cookie is soft and chewy.

Taming & Emulsifying

Shrimp in Garlic Butter Sauce

Hi Everyone,   I had a craving for shrimp, and like most Guyanese, it takes no effort to convince me to make a curry.

Iron: An Essential Micronutrient

Hi Everyone, Last month, an article was published in Stabroek News (Friday, August 14) written by Guyana’s former Director of the Government Analyst Food & Drug Department, Marilyn Collins, titled – ‘Food Fortification & The Health of the Guyanese Population.’ In the article Ms Collins referenced the statistics of the most recent survey conducted in Guyana (in collaboration with the Pan American Health Organization PAHO) on iron deficiency anaemia.

Going Country

Hi Everyone, The August holidays are over and it’s time to get back to ‘reality’.


Hi Everyone,   For decades now, electrical devices have been conceptualized, designed and manufactured to make our lives easier in the kitchen.

Pan-tastic Cooking

Hi Everyone,  Like many people, when I travel overseas, I like to shop for electronic gadgets, fine jewellery, clothing and shoes.

Pickled Breadfruit Bajan eats part 2

Hi Everyone, This week we continue with another weekend favourite among Barbadians. Last week we talked about Bajan pudding, but a serving of pudding and souse would not be complete without pickled breadfruit.


Bajan Eats Pt. 1

Hi Everyone, This week begins a 4-part series featuring a few weekend favourites among Barbadians (Bajans).

Palate and passport under threat

Hi Everyone, You know I like pepper right? Really hot pepper! Over the years I have written to you many times about my obsession with the fiery beauty in all forms – sauced, pickled, dried, boiled and flaked.

Stop! Wait! Don’t boil the salt fish

Hi Everyone, All right, brace yourself, today I am going to ask you to do something that may go against a practice you have been doing all your life, and one that you would have seen done by parents and grandparents long before you ever started cooking.

Channa Souse

Hi Everyone, While I have eaten various types of souse – pig’s feet, cow heel and cow face as well as chicken feet, green banana and breadfruit – I had never had channa souse until a couple of months ago, while on that trip to Trinidad that I bet you are tired of hearing of by now.