The hype and being informed

Hi Everyone, There is way too much misinformation about food out there. Those with influence give the impression that one-size-fits-all when it comes to food and making choices.

End of season jam

Hi Everyone,  with the end of the Sorrel season quickly closing in, I wanted to share with you a way in which you can still enjoy the flavour of sorrel beyond the season.

The Cost of Food

Hi Everyone, Fact: food is expensive. Fact: we are spending more and getting very little for the dollar.

Back to basics

Weekday food & weekend food

Hi Everyone,  One of the things about communicating is knowing when to say what, to whom, and how to say it.

A Memorable Year

Hi Everyone, It’s been another memorable year for Tastes Like Home. It was often the simple things that evoked the most memories.

A real boozy pudding

Hi Everyone,  De Trini(s) might never let me back in deh country for what I have done with their beloved Punch de Crème but I think if they stop long enough to taste my Punch de Crème Bread Pudding they might forgive me.

Bejewelled Bread


Hi Everyone, The Italian sweet bread – Panettone – reminds me of the Christmas holidays.

Mayonnaise or Aïoli?

Hi Everyone, I have a friend visiting who is watching her cholesterol intake and so each morning, I make her scrambled egg whites.

Lemongrass: One of a kind flavour

Last week’s recipe of Thai fish cakes – that included a signature ingredient in Thai cuisine, lemongrass – prompted questions from several readers about the use of the lemongrass stalk.

Gone fishing

Hi Everyone, There are many things that the Atlantic hurricane season brings – the need to stock up on canned food, bottled water, batteries, candles, matches, portable radios and then there is the requisite construction work to ensure that roofs are intact, shutters are sturdy, trees trimmed and the yard free of debris.

The Other Five Spice: Panch Phoron

Hi Everyone,  One of the thrilling things about cooking with spices and herbs is that you can use them in many combinations and on each occasion be totally surprised by the flavour.

This Thing Called Bakes

A class of bakes

Hi Everyone, I have an obsession with bakes. Not exclusively with the eating of bakes but with the cultural and historical significance of this food of fried dough found across the length and breath of Guyana, and indeed, up and down the entire Caribbean.

Developing Flavour

Hi Everyone, Developing flavour when cooking is about technique and time. Technique meaning the application or method of cooking used to coax the flavours from ingredients.

Drinking to cool off

Hi Everyone,  Here in the Caribbean we live in a tropical environment that enjoys summer weather all year round but in July and August, it gets even hotter.


An open pie

Hi Everyone, Since we’ve been baking sweet cookies for the past two weeks, I thought that it is time that we add something savoury to the table.

Buttery buttons of cookies

Hi Everyone, After all the talk about buttery shortbread cookies last week, I am keeping my promise to share with you the late Urmia Cummings’ butter cookies which she called Teatime Cookies.

The Magic Tree

Hi Everyone, I’m a huge fan of the Harry Potter series and Tolkien’s Lord Of the Rings trilogy, so last year when I read an article about Cuba mass planting the “Magic Tree”, I quickly wondered if it was the ‘tree of life’ Gandalf referred to in the Lord Of The Rings… just kidding!

Pretty little things…Cucumber Sandwiches

Hi Everyone, Cucumber sandwiches are often described as dainty and delicate, rarely are they thought of in the realm of eye candy, unless they are prepared as open-face sandwiches.

A serious miss

Eating at German’s Restaurant

Hi Everyone, Disclaimer: I am not a food critic nor do I aspire to be one.

Arrogant about fish cakes

Hi Everyone, Serve a Guyanese a fish cake that doesn’t look like the fish cakes they are accustomed to and they fight hard to hide their shock as they reluctantly reach for it.

Bottoms, corners, edges and ends

Tastes Like Home

Hi Everyone, the fight for crusty, overcooked, highly flavourful bottoms (bun-bun), corners, edges and ends of cooked food and baked items can be fierce.

Beer Battered Banga (mary)

Tastes Like Home

Hi Everyone, there are several ways to prepare fish to fry: seasoned, and dusted with flour, breadcrumbs, cornmeal or some other type of dry breading.

Drizzling flavour

Tastes Like Home

Hi Everyone, Pancake Day is just a few days away… what’s the syrup plan this year for drizzling your pancakes?

Eating a ‘lil Garlic Pork

Tastes Like Home

Hi Everyone,  A little over two weeks ago when I shared my Holiday Bits, with you, I mentioned that I did not make any garlic pork for Christmas.

Tender liver, sweet onions

Tastes Like Home

Hi Everyone, There are certain dishes that just make your day. For many, sitting down to a sumptuous Sunday breakfast of liver and onions sets the tone for the leisurely day ahead.