Inevitably federalism will become the correct solution

Dear Editor,

Fed up with the opposition, Mr Norman Browne is concerned that “until David Granger and Khemraj Ramjattan stop their weak posturing, we may just roll into another election year to once again give the PPP a majority in the National Assembly” (‘It’s all up to Hughes and Nagamootoo now’ SN, November 19). In fact Mr Browne is very disturbed  that all PNC leader Mr David Granger  seemingly does is, “collects his pay as Opposition Leader, sounds and looks important, wears green which symbolizes militancy and talks a lot about Guyana and where it should be.” Mr Browne wants justice for the three Linden deceased and injured others. Hopefully  he would like Home Affairs Minister Mr Clement Rohee to be  held responsible. Mr Browne does not offer any evidence why the Home Affairs Minister should be punished for upholding law and order and nor does Mr Browne explain why Lindeners must pay less for electricity even as all other Guyanese nationwide pay a lot more.  In his letter Mr Browne pins all hope on Hughes and Nagamootoo.

Should Mr Browne also ignore the robberies committed on truckers and commuters, the burning down of Linmine, the setting ablaze of the PPP/C branch office and the violence which subsequently engulfed Agricola targeting peaceful commuters? What Mr Browne really wants is “for Nigel Hughes and Moses Nagamootoo to create an urgent political fever amongst the masses as if we are in an election year. This must be sustained until we feel the winds of change beginning to gently brush against our bruised cheeks.” By now everyone knows the opposition’s priority and that they want the ‘doctor’ overseeing the ‘medical’ team to be urgently removed –  ‘Rohee must go.‘ Without any effective ‘doctor’ and ‘medical response’ the population could succumb to future fever epidemics creating nationwide havoc.

One can therefore understand why Mr Browne sincerely seeks Mr Hughes to become President of Guyana one day: “Hughes gives me a lot of hope.”  In fact Mr Hughes has every right to be President of Guyana like anyone else, shouldn’t he? But when Mr Browne also concedes that “the PPP wins every time” he can defeat his own aspirations and those of Mr Hughes. Does Mr Browne know of any plans by Mr Hughes to join the PPP/C since they are winners? Doubtful isn’t it?  With the PPP/C‘s colossal failure to balance the armed forces and the PNC being led by a former discredited soldier what does it say of their intentions? Inevitably federalism will become the correct solution to ensure African people run their own affairs just as it would ensure others do the same. When race is viewed as the ultimate problem it must also be the final solution. Wasn’t the AFC born to solve the race problem?

Note when Mr Nagamootoo jumped from the PPP/C ship how enraged he was. It’s still afloat despite former President Bharrat Jagdeo’s neglect of the PPP base, party machinery, the aged and despite his coterie’s lavish lifestyles which mock the historical PPP and the Jagans‘ legendary modesty, simplicity and incorruptibility. The PPP/C still operates as though it is unable to adjust to the lessons they were taught in 2011. Examine PPP/C non-wisdom in allowing respected former Speaker Mr Ralph Ramkarran to just walk away. Is this the same PPP/C which also found Mr Nagamootoo ambitions too unmanageable and undisciplined?  Nevertheless one can only be puzzled why Mr Browne is now so infatuated that “Nagamootoo can bring some hope too.”

“I am through with Ramjattan and Granger. They can do no more to disappoint,” a fed up Mr. Browne informed us.

Without a doubt Mr Browne has made his agenda very clear: “the ball is in Hughes’s and Nagamootoo’s court. Maybe, we will have to start holding them accountable. Where potential is great, experience is not a problem. Where there is a will, these two men must now make a way.”Mr Browne is most correct about Mr Nagamootoo – has anyone else noticed that “he seems very quiet lately”?  So what’s up captain?

Yours faithfully,
Sultan Mohamed

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