An inquiry into the era 2000-2010 should take precedence over a Walter Rodney inquiry

Dear Editor,

There’s a tendency to embark on pointless political excursions while shrinking from that grotesque creature before us that is most significant and has damaged, like no period before it, the collective psyche of the nation. Both Forbes Burnham and Walter Rodney are significant contributors to our growth psychologically in understanding ourselves as Guyanese, and we will honour them as long as this country exists, but the death of Rodney and the political accusations of Burnham’s responsibility have become a political sub-culture, and there seems to be an intention to milk it more. There is a current consensus to undertake an investigation into the death of Walter Rodney. This is not unnecessary, but is it currently relevant, and is it more important than the tabled motion by the Leader of the Opposition for an investigation into the 2000-2010 crime spree? No, it is not. While I think the reasons should be obvious for those rooted in facades, safe props and disinformation agendas, let us examine the two areas.

By the admission of political leaders of the WPA v PNC political era this was an era of insurrection against the state. To be able to ascertain credible data on Rodney’s death and prove that Burnham ordered it that will leave no doubts behind, requires a league of persons who will have to testify, most of whom are dead, including Forbes Burnham, Cheddi Jagan, Janet Jagan,  Gregory Smith, Laurie Lewis, Colonel McPherson and the incredible Patrick Alexander among others. This is going to be difficult to prove. I stated in a previous letter that I bought some pictures of Rodney’s last moment and they did tell a compelling tale. My contention is not against an investigation into Walter Rodney’s death but rather the rejection of the PPP-government, the AFC and even letter-writer Mr Maxwell’s support of the AFC in relation to the motion by the Leader of the Opposition requesting an investigation into 2000 to 2010 (not 2004 to 2010).

This was the most significant bloodletting to have occurred in this colony-country since emancipation. This was the period when the Phantom drug cartel auxiliaries fused politically with elements in the police force and certain government officials for the first time in the history of this country.  The architects, secret directors, political and legal benefactors are still alive and so are the mothers whose sons were made to disappear; so are members of the Phantom squads. I am sure as part of the deal the testimony of both Roger Khan and David Clark would more than assist in pointing to the evidence of this dark period which has traumatized and infected a generation which now believes that hard work is pointless and that the culture of illegalities that pervades our nation is the norm.  An inquiry into this period wherever it leads will serve as a cleansing and close down a stench that still haunts us. This inquiry by virtue of its importance in terms of bloodshed and national trauma should take precedence over any other inquiry.

Yours faithfully,

Barrington Braithwaite

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