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On the good fortune of food security

For sheer evidence of agricultural bounty and food security in Guyana nothing beats the sight of our municipal markets on busy days with our housewives trading stories on street corners about how “good” the market is and when, to our considerable discredit, what cannot be traded or consumed is dumped on parapets or in canals close to the markets.

Helping the aviation sector to grow

A succession of occurrences, incidents and accidents in the past year or so have placed the spotlight on the aviation sector, which, customarily, would appear to favour getting on with what it has to do in conditions of quiet diligence and placing itself in the public domain only when it becomes necessary to do so.

The budget projections in the manufacturing sector

In his 2014 budget presentation, Finance Minister Dr.Ashni Singh announced that this year growth in the manufacturing sector was projected  at 7.1 per cent, driven largely by what, in his words was an “anticipated recovery of the sugar industry.” Some commentators have already expressed the view that it is hardly the best of signs that any real growth in the manufacturing sector is likely to hinge largely – if not solely – on the “anticipated recovery” in sugar given the imponderables associated with that projection.


Today’s national agro-processing event being held at the International Conference Centre, Liliendaal is important for several reasons, perhaps the key one being that it provides a stage on which many small manufacturing enterprises – some, first the first time – can bring their products to the attention of a relatively large potential market.

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