Teacher unconscious after motorbike runs into car

A 22-year-old teacher attached to St. Stanislaus College is battling for her life in hospital after the motorcycle she was a pillion rider on slammed into the back of a car on Sunday night on the Railway Embankment, Bel Air.

And the driver of the motorcycle is in police custody at the Sparendaam Police Station.

The woman, Angelique Mohamed, is unconscious in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) of the Georgetown Hospital after sustaining massive injuries to the head.

Her mother Yvonne Castello Mohamed told Stabroek News yesterday that Angelique and her boyfriend were heading to Cumming Lodge, East Coast Demerara when he attempted to overtake a car. She said the driver of the car put on his trafficator to indicate that he was turning too late and by that time the motorcycle was too close. According to the woman, who was trying to remain calm, her daughter’s boyfriend is in the lock-ups and he has many bruises about his body.

She said that he was the one who resuscitated her daughter after she stopped breathing when she was thrown from the motorcycle.

The woman also said that he was the one who also assisted in getting his daughter to the hospital. She said too that at the time of the accident the couple was wearing helmets. Fighting back tears, Yvonne informed this newspaper that the doctor has indicated that she might not make it. “He tell we how she deh low”, she said.

Yesterday at the hospital students, relatives and friends of the injured woman crowded the entrance of the ICU for an opportunity to see her and to lend support and comfort to each other.

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