Wedding house murder

Due to repairs at the New Amsterdam High Court building, a murder trial that is currently being heard by Justice William Ramlal had to be shifted to the NA Magistrate’s Court.

Justice Ramlal made a “public announcement” that all other matters would be conducted at the new location, that was “gazetted as the high court on October 27,” until renovations to the building are completed within six months.

Six witnesses have already been called in the matter, in which 22-year-old Saheed Abrahim of Kilmarnock, Corentyne is accused of stabbing Yogeshwar “Vicky” Roopnarine to death at a wedding house on December 28, 2002.

Presenting the matter on behalf of the state, Prosecutor Satyesh Kissoon told the court that the stabbing occurred at the home of Basil Rodrigues during a wedding celebration.

He said a police rank, Andrew Ward, who also testified, took Roopnarine to the hospital in an unconscious state and he was pronounced dead upon arrival.

Rodrigues who was called to give evidence on Monday informed the court that the incident occurred on the night before his daughter’s wedding. He said around 10 pm he went to his backyard to cook when he heard shouting on the parapet in front of his house and he saw a crowd.

He said he “bust de crowd and go inside and see Vicky lay down on de gound” and saw what appeared to be blood on his abdomen.

He said he knew the deceased as he used to visit his home often. He lifted him up and took him into his yard while “searching for transportation.” He said 20 minutes later he stopped a passing police van and the ranks left with the injured man.

According to him ranks returned the following day around 8 am and walked through his yard to go behind his back fence where they retrieved a knife and red cap.

He said he does not know the accused and could not say if he was there on the night of the incident as persons who were not invited to the wedding were also there.

Under cross-examination by senior counsel, Marcel Crawford, Rodrigues said his house is situated on the western side of the road and that a trench is in front of his house and he had an eight ft long bridge over it.

He told the court he informed the police that he picked up Vicky and took him in his yard but did not know if it was included in his statement.

The last witness to give evidence is Yogindra “Steve” Ramkarran who cannot be located and a warrant has been issued for his arrest. Kissoon made a request for the matter to be adjourned to Wednesday so he can make an effort to get the witness to attend court.

The judge eventually agreed after commenting that the court should not be blamed for the prosecution not being able to summon witnesses in time.

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