CIOG submits proposal to sex violence consultation

The Central Islamic Organisation of Guyana (CIOG) says it has submitted a paper on eradicating sexual violence to the human services ministry and it is pleased to be included in the consultations on this critical issue.

In a press release the CIOG said it is pleased to be a part of the process to eradicate sexual violence from the society. The ministry recently launched a proposal titled ‘Stamp it out’ aimed at reforming the laws that deal with sex crimes against women and children.

The CIOG said it is every Muslim’s duty to speak out against the ills that plague the society especially the “evil of sexual violence.” It said Islam holds women and girls in high esteem and marriage was created for procreation and satisfying one’s sexual desires lawfully and sex “prefaced by love and care.”

The group said it commends the ministry and government for taking a firm stand on this issue.

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