Main Big Lime murder accused freed

Kevin Anthony, who was accused of killing another man at the Main Big Lime celebrations two years ago, was freed in the High Court yesterday after a jury found him not guilty of murder.

Just over two weeks ago Anthony called `Bugger Bumps’ was indicted on the capital offence before Justice Rishi Persaud for the January 2, 2005 murder of Feroze Alli at the Main Big Lime.

Alli was with a group of friends at the annual event when they were attacked and he was shot and killed. The prosecution led by state counsel Leron Daly relied mainly on the evidence of police witness Jason Van Lange who was an eyewitness to Alli’s murder.

Van Lange, who was off duty on the night in question, told the jury that he was walking along the eastern carriageway of Main Street behind six persons who were paired off and appeared to be cozy. Shortly after, the group was separated by some men who pushed them against a bar on the road and robbed them.

He recalled seeing Anthony’s face among the group that perpetrated the act. Van Lange said Alli and Anthony were later involved in a scuffle and Anthony drew a weapon from his waist and fired a shot at Alli.

Defence counsel Lydon Amsterdam later challenged Van Lange’s story on the grounds that the lighting was poor at the event and that Anthony has a scar on his face which was never mentioned in any description Van Lange gave to police. Counsel also challenged the evidence supplied by the pathologists and raised questions over Alli’s body being identified. Amsterdam also pointed out to inconsistencies in the evidence presented in court by prosecution witnesses.

Yesterday Alli’s sister wept after the verdict was announced while Anthony made the sign of the cross, thanked the judge and dashed out of court. His teary eyed relatives were waiting to embrace him.

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