Relief council assists five fire-hit families

The Guyana Relief Council (GRC) on Friday rendered assistance to five families who suffered losses due to fire.

In a press release, the GRC said it provided assistance to Natasha Burnette from a family of seven of Ideal Road, Soesdyke-Linden Highway (SLH), Hermina Williams from a family of six of Swan, SLH, Devon Edingborough from a family of seven of 1420 Cummings Park, Cummings Lodge, Jocyelyn Joseph from a family of 11 of 430, 9th Street, Diamond New Housing Scheme and Gansham Samaroo from a family of one of Betsy Ground, Canje.

Further, it also donated a sum of money to funeral expenses to Anthony Paul whose wife Melissa Griffith, of 57 Laing Avenue, died in hospital shortly after the October 10 fire in the area.

The charity also said it gives monthly assistance to Zeta Gouviea, Agnes Henry and Edith Smith, beneficiaries of its welfare programme. It also donated clothing to the University of Guyana/Youth Challenge group on Thursday.

The Council said due to the generosity of its supporters it has been able to, for the year, provide assistance to 83 fire cases where 366 persons suffered losses, 13 high winds cases where 52 persons were affected, 42 welfare cases and 12 hinterland welfare cases.

The GRC also said it is profoundly grateful to the persons and organisations who willingly gave “of their substance, in an effort to alleviate some of the trauma suffered by the families of Laing Avenue, who suffered due to fire, as well as other persons who suffered losses. The charity said it is also grateful to Le Meridien Pegasus Hotel and the supporters whose contributions at the recently held Annual Luncheon and Dutch Auction 2007 made it a tremendous success.

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